Max Bellocchio Destino (2016)

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Max Bellocchio Destino (2016)
One lucky bachelor is fortunate enough to have three friends to throw him the party of a lifetime before he takes the big plunge. They order up some gorgeous pros and the steamy scenes of blowjobs, hand jobs, and anal begin! But these girls are up to no good. They wake up tied up with all of the groom’s money missing, and the plane tickets for the honeymoon! The burned quartet find the thieving whores, and get his precious belongings back, but have to wonder, was it a sign that he shouldn’t get married? Is his betrothed banging his best friend in his own house? This is a cautionary tale of the perils of married life, and the fucking one will miss out on! E se tutto, fosse andato diversamente? Con questo interrogativo, vi lasciamo alla visione di questo imperdibile film! Una trama, fitta di misteri, di strane coincidenze e di sesso spinto! Un cast formidabile, diretto da un mitico regista, Max Bellocchio.
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